April 21st 2013

PRESS RELEASE - TASL gains Queen’s Award for Enterprise

Track Analysis Systems Ltd, TASL has today gained the Queen’s Award for Enterprise-Innovation. Bristol-based TASL markets highly-sensitive, state-of-the-art radiation detectors in over 80 countries across 5 continents. Its principal products, developed and manufactured in-house include its radiation-sensitive plastic film detector TASTRAK™ and it computerised TASLIMAGE radiation analysis systems.
A particular application is in the measurement of radon gas in the home and workplace.
A second principal application is for measuring a particular type of radiation called neutron radiation or simply neutrons, produced as part of the functioning of nuclear reactors. Nuclear industry workers internationally are routinely monitored for neutron radiation exposure, where TASL is a major supplier of the measurement technology.
Managing Director Gary Moss said today: “TASL is proud to have gained the Queen’s Award for Enterprise and proud of its achievement in marketing its products to over 80 countries throughout the World”.

The Queen’s Award citation reads:
“For designing cutting-edge dosimetry equipment, the small company, Track Analysis Systems Ltd, wins an Innovation Award. The new products, which measure low levels of neutron and radon radiation, incorporate a world-leading nuclear track detection plastic and associated neutron and radon dosimetry read-out systems; the latter involving sophisticated algorithms for distinguishing radon signals from noise to determine dosages with unparalleled accuracy and sensitivity. The new, flexible equipment has led to faster, more accurate and more widely applicable dosimetry services than were previously possible. The innovations have underpinned the commercial success of the company.”

Further information and the opportunity to visit TASL may be obtained from:
Gary Moss: 01179 9381172; Mobile: 07969299907, or
Denis Henshaw: Mobile: 0777356442
E-mail: info@tasl.co.uk
Website: www.tasl.co.uk

Information for Editors
Track Analysis Systems Ltd, TASL was founded in 1984 by a group of researchers in the Physics Department at Bristol University. The Company operated in the University until 2008 when it moved to its own premises in Shirehampton, Bristol. TASL has 15 full and part time employees and is led by Directors Gary Moss, Peter Fews and Denis Henshaw.