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TASLImage radon dosimetry system

System performance

Operating system Windows 11; supplied with 64-bit Dell computer
Ultrafast scanning speed 10 mm2 s-1
Readout time 5 s on 0.5 cm2; 10 s on 1 cm2 on uncoded plastic. Additional code read time, 10 s per plastic. Readout time per tray of 49 coded plastics with scan area 1 cm2, ~18 minutes
Lower detection limit 5 Bq m-3
Upper detection limit 15 MBq m-3
Accuracy of calculated doses 3-6% in the range from 200-5,000 Bq m-3
Output format csv file or Excel

Radon Detector Analysis System
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ISO-accredited in laboratories across Europe

The TASLImage radon detector analysis system is unique in that it analyses and characterises each individual track to produce a radon exposure measurement. The algorithm discriminating an etch-track from a background feature, employs 26 parameters relating to the characteristics of each recorded track. The system is completely automatic, requiring only a button click, to provide a radon exposure measurement for each radon detector on a full tray of plastics, displayed in a record database.

A complete measurement system comprises:

Over 120 TASLImage systems have been sold Worldwide for application in dosimetry and nuclear measurement technology.

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