The TASLIMAGE Radon Dosimetry System

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ISO-accredited in laboratories across Europe

The TASLIMAGE radon dosimetry system is a highly sophisticated radon analysis system. Systems have been sold worldwide and passed the ISO 17025 accreditation. We currently operate a UK validated radon measurement service utilising our system.

System performance

TASLImage radon dosimetry system
Readout time10-20s per plastic or ~18 minutes for a tray (49 pcs)
Lower detection limit5 Bq.m-3
Upper detection limit15 MBq.m-3
Accuracy of calculated doses3-6% in the range from 200-5,000 Bq.m-3
Output formatcsv file or Excel

The complete measurement system comprises:

The TASLIMAGE radon dosimetry system is unique in that it analyses and characterises each individual track to produce a dose measurement. The algorithm discriminating an etched track from a background feature, whether it is a scratch, a hair etc., does this by using a large number of parameters relating to the characteristics of a track. The system is completely automatic, requiring only a button click, and will provide a dose measurement for each piece of plastic. The scan data is automatically converted to a dose measurement and the results are displayed in a record database.

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