TLD Measurements

TASL are now offering a full TLD dosimetry measurement service in collaboration with our US associates Radiation Detection Company. We offer the following badges at competitive prices and fast turn around:

Badge typeDescriptionMinimum reportable doseTypes of radiation detected
TLD-824 element dosemeter10 mrem (0.1 mSv)x-ray, gamma, beta and neutron presence
TLD-834 element dosemter with track etch added for neutron dose10 mrem (0.1 mSv) for TLD elements and 20 mrem (0.2 mSv) for track etch elementx-ray, gamma, beta and measurements of neutrons
TLD-051 element extremety dosemeter10 mrem (0.1 mSv)x-ray, gamma, betas

For ordering and further information please email us